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Sunday, July 15 2018 @ 04:07 PM CDT

Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk: Ninja Knockin' Bebop and Power Punchin' Rocksteady

Better late than never, right? Suine Hallock continues his look at the many versions of Bebop and Rocksteady with his review of Ninja Knockin' Bebop and Power Punchi' Rocksteady! Click through to check them out!


 Welcome to the second part of the RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK! review of the different versions of the Foot Clan’s finest friends, Bebop and Rocksteady. Last week we barely survived boot camp with the beastly best buds, but this week we’re in for one whale of a workout with this totally terrible tag team. It’s time to get in the ring with Ninja Knockin’ Bebop and Power Punchin’ Rocksteady!

Ninja Knockin’ Bebop and Power Punchin’ Rocksteady are both from the 1992 “Smash ‘Em, Bash ‘Em” subset of the original Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. All of the figures from this subset possess combat action features activated by Pizza Power Control Handles inserted into their backs. The idea is that the figures can either hone their ferocious fighting techniques on their accompanying accessories or engage in brutal brawls with each other.

Staying true to his bad boy background, Ninja Knockin’ Bebop still wears his nose piercing, skull necklace, and turtle shell shoulder pads that the original Bebop figure wears. However, he has traded in his street thrashing threads for a purple ninja outfit and is making a go as a martial artist. Ninja Knockin’ Bebop’s swiveling neck, shoulders, and hips are his only five articulation points, fewer than most figures from TMNT. However, through use of the Pizza Power Control Handle, Bebop’s feet can come alive and start kicking like crazy! The way it works is by attaching the Control Handle’s tabs over the inner sides of the two square holes in Bebop’s back and sliding the lock forward to hold the tabs together. Once the Control Handle is securely clamped on, you can control the movement of each of Bebop’s legs by pushing either the left or right trigger. The triggers push forward two plastic slats into his back holes, each of which contains a mechanism-activating button. Ninja Knockin’ Bebop is now ready to kick the shell out of anyone foolish enough to face this warrior warthog!

Power Punchin’ Rocksteady, rather than walking the way of the ninja, takes the path of a pugilist. He comes clad in a pair of white boxer shorts, red & black shoes, and black boxing gloves. True to a pure prizefighter, Power Punchin’ Rocksteady wears a golden Foot Clan necklace and a boxing championship belt. His face sculpt is delightfully detailed, with a stitched up scar and a swollen shut eyelid. In addition to the same five articulation points as Ninja Knockin’ Bebop, this version of Rocksteady also has a hinge-jointed right elbow. Rocksteady’s Pizza Power Control Handle connects and functions identically to Bebop’s, but results in hard-hitting hands rather than fast-flying feet.

Now that we have mastered the mechanisms of these monsters, it’s playtime! Ninja Knockin’ Bebop and Power Punchin’ Rocksteady both come with primo practice pieces. Bebop’s accessory is his Breakaway Wall, which consists of a large green breakaway turtle shell, and a matching stand to set the shell up on. One punt from his powerful paw and the shell shatters into shards! Rocksteady’s piece of training equipment is his Turtle Punchin’ Bag. The Ninja Turtle shaped punching bag has a string attached allowing you to hang it in front of Rocksteady and permitting him to pound the pizza out of it!

Once you’re tired of training, you and an opponent can take each other on in a mutant mortal combat! Both Ninja Knockin’ Bebop and Power Punchin’ Rocksteady have rectangular buttons on their respective pectoral areas. Similar in style to the classic Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots game, when a hard enough hit is delivered to the upper chest of either Bebop or Rocksteady, their head will pop up, signifying a successful win to the dealer of the blow.

Ninja Knockin’ Bebop and Power Punchin’ Rocksteady are part of a pretty silly subset of the first TMNT line, but what else would one expect? A lot of fans, myself included, may often be iffy on the aspect of action features, but to me, the “Smash ‘Em, Bash ‘Em” features are fine. The features don’t get in the way of normal play, and if you’re only going to display the figures anyway, then they really don’t matter. If you love, hate, or have any questions about Ninja Knockin’ Bebop and/or Power Punchin’ Rocksteady, sign right up for the forums at PopCultureNetwork.com and take me to task! I hope everyone returns next week for the finale of the February “Bromance for the Ages” series right here at RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK!


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