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Saturday, July 21 2018 @ 06:10 AM CDT

Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk: Robotic Bebop and Rocksteady

Suine Hallock's rockin' out with another awesome R2T3 focusing on the not-so-dynamic duo known as Bebop and Rocksteady! Today, he gives us a slimpse at the chromed up Robotic Bebop and Robotic Rocksteady! Click through to check them out!


Greetings, guys and gals! Here we are at the final part of the RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK! ‘Bromance for the Ages’ series for 2010. This week’s version of the dimwitted dyad has actually had a couple of requests from a pair of my primo pals on the PopCultureNetwork.com forums. Meet the Foot Clan’s malevolent, mayhem-making, mecha-mutants, Robotic Bebop and Robotic Rocksteady!

Robotic Bebop and Robotic Rocksteady have kind of a confusing issue surrounding their very names. In the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, the robotic renditions of the two hateful hench-mutants were called Mighty Bebop and Super Rocksteady, and bizarrely enough, appeared in the episode entitled Super Bebop & Mighty Rocksteady. Not confusing enough yet? There was another pair of figures named Rhinoman & Mighty Bebop based on their super hero-like appearance from the episode The Adventures of Rhino-Man, only in this episode they went by Rhino-Man and Mighty Hog! If all of that discrepant data doesn’t make your circuits sizzle, I don’t know what will!

Anyhow, the origins of Robotic Bebop and Robotic Rocksteady line up logically with their differently named cartoon counterparts. Fed up with the forever failing Bebop and Rocksteady, Shredder and Krang created chrome metal clones to compensate for the constant catastrophes of the cretinous couplet. So, while the Foot clan winds up with two metallic morons, we get a pair of awesome toys!

There is nothing not to like about Robotic Bebop and Robotic Rocksteady. For starters, a lot of us toy fans, myself included, can be easily wooed by shiny objects. It’s our weakness! Aside from being radically reflective, these two figures are made great by the retained characteristics of the original Bebop and Rocksteady. Robotic Bebop has green shoulder caps resembling his original turtle shell ones, a metal mohawk with ponytail (although it’s red rather than purple), his blue shades, and, of course, his nose ring. Robotic Rocksteady has purple rhino horns as well as translucent red top on his head. I’m unsure if it was a truly intended feature, but you can kind of achieve a similar effect as that of Metalhead’s glowing eyes with these two via Bebop’s mohawk or the top of Rocksteady’s head.

Robotic Bebop and Robotic Rocksteady, aside from their defining characteristics, are pretty similarly built. They both have the same seven swiveling joints, which are the neck, shoulders, wrists, and hips. While they are mostly chrome metal painted, they have a few differently colored highlights in various places on their bodies. The guns protruding from their shoulder areas add a nice touch of terror to these two titanium troublemakers!

Now let’s look at the accessories of Robotic Bebop and Robotic Rocksteady. Robotic Bebop’s arsenal includes a Mechanical Mutant Claw, a Lazer Luger/Flame Thrower Combo, and a Stained Steel Cutter. The Claw clamps tightly onto Bebop’s right wrist. The Luger/Flame Thrower is pretty much exactly that; two firearms fused together, yet it looks oddly like a video camera. The Cutter is a curved and jagged sword with saw teeth.

Robotic Rocksteady’s tools of torment consist of a Laser Wrist Rifle, a Poke ‘em Pry Bar, and a Chilling Chainsaw Sword. The Wrist Rifle has a peg on the underside which fits into a hole on Rocksteady’s left wrist. On his right wrist, you can clamp his Pry Bar on in the same fashion as Bebop’s Claw. The sickest of Rocksteady’s weapons, though, has to be the Chainsaw Sword. Not only is it essentially a chainsaw wielded as a sword, but the hilt features two circular saws to boot!

I hope everyone has enjoyed revisiting the Cyber-Swine and the Robo-Rhino. This review brings the ‘Bromance’ series to a close for this year, but if all stays well and I’m still here, I am definitely up for another visit next February with the brutal BFFs named Bebop and Rocksteady! Whether you enjoyed reading about the hostile homeboys, or if warthogs and rhinos just aren’t your bag, I want to hear what you have to say. Just go to the forums at PopCultureNetwork.com, sign up, and get in on the fun! And if you’re in the mood for more reptile related recreation, make sure you return next week for some more RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK! Catch you later!


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Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk: Robotic Bebop and Rocksteady
Authored by: Kelly Ishikawa on Tuesday, February 23 2010 @ 10:51 AM CST

I can't overstate how much I appreciate getting to see such detailed photos of these toys.  Can't wait to see more reviews.

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