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Sunday, July 15 2018 @ 04:09 PM CDT

Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk: Baxter Stockman Retrospective

Hey dudes, it's time for another edition of Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk! In today's installment, Suine Hallock has a totally tubular retrospective on Baxter Stockman! Click on through to scope him out!



Top of the morning, Turtle fans! Hope you’re up for some more RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK! This week’s subject is going to blind you with evil science! Make yourselves ready to meet multiple models of the mad machinator of the Mousers, Baxter Stockman!

Saying that the 1987 and the 2003 versions of Baxter Stockman are vastly different is the ultimate understatement. Aside from being the inventors of the Mouser robots, they are complete opposite ends of the spectrum, even down to demeanor and ethnicity. However, the two Baxters are both great representatives of their respective renditions of the two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series.  1987 Baxter is a goofier character, easily goaded into going along with the Foot Clan’s follies. After a fly followed him into a disintegrator, Baxter gets Delambred into the form of a freaky fiendish fly. 2004 Baxter Stockman, like in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, was a much darker and more sinister character. Beginning with having his eye removed by Shredder as punishment for failure, Baxter would become less and less human as the series progressed, even so far as his brain being all of his organic being that lived on.

1989 would be the year that Green Teen goers would get the first Baxter Stockman figure, which was, of course, in his post-mutation fly form. Purple was the main color of Baxter’s vile and varicose-veined flesh, although he retained his Caucasian skin on his hands and his red hair on his head. Baxter also still wears the raggedy remains of his lab clothing, including a white lab coat, a pair of blue trousers, and a yellow bow tie.

The 1989 Baxter figure has the standard seven articulation points as most of the first Playmates TMNT line, but adding his Detachable Fly Wings & Arms brings the total up to eleven, with two more swiveling elbows and two swiveling fly wings. The Detachable Fly Wings & Arms fit perfectly into a vertical slot on Baxter’s back. Baxter’s other accessory is a two part Anti-Turtle Swatter. The Swatter is exactly what you would think, complete with the remains of a swatted baby turtle still stuck to it.

Jumping ahead to 2004 during the second Playmates line, Turtle fans got a new Baxter Stockman figure, reflective of his appearance in the 2003 cartoon. While his color scheme is a simple gold and silver, Baxter Stockman is one complex figure! Baxter, in this form, is a human head in a robotic war machine with a total 24 points of articulation! He moves around on three legs and features seven individually armed arm-like appendages! Each arm has a different weapon, and most of the appendages are removable and interchangeable. The various armaments on Baxter’s Octo-Arms include Sewer Seeking Missiles, a laser, radar, and claws. The uppermost arms are the only two permanently placed limbs; the left one features a menacing Mechanical Claw, while the right features a Mutant-mashing Missile Launcher with fully functional firing action.

All of this evil equipment is under the control of Baxter’s malevolent melon, which is wired into the top of the robot body. Baxter’s head features a green cybernetic left eye and can be shielded by the opening and closing plastic plate.

Two years later in 2006, the Baxter Robot figure was released. What’s awesome is that in this package, there are technically two figures! You have the variously gray-shaded Baxterbot body, and the blue Spider Walker. Included are two different heads, each of which can be placed on either of the robots. One of the heads is simply human Baxter wearing just his glasses and the other is him with his cybernetic eye, which is red as opposed to green like that of the 2004 Baxter Stockman figure. The Baxterbot has eight swiveling joints at his neck (regardless of which head you use), shoulders, wrists, waist, and hips. The much simpler Spider Walker has a ball peg to place either of Baxter’s heads upon and an opening and closing hatch, similar to the 2004 version.


While you can use either of Baxter Stockman’s heads on either of the “bodies,” there is actually a 2003 cartoon accurate way to do it. The cybernetic Baxter head belongs in the Spider Walker, which temporarily put Baxter under Shredder’s voice command until Fugitoid set him free. The human Baxter head is better suited for the Baxterbot, as by the time he had it; Baxter Stockman was reduced to merely his brain. Baxter’s brain then controlled the Baxterbot body, which produced a holographic representation of his old human head out of the neck area. Truthfully, I find this incredibly creepy, yet all kinds of freaking awesome! If only the Baxter Robot also came with a disembodied diabolical brain…

Baxter Stockman certainly has come a long way from sniveling science stooge in 1987 to sadistic cyber-sociopath in 2003. Any way you take him, insect or android, Baxter’s freakiness is fascinating! How about you? Do you prefer Baxter the ‘fraidy fly or Baxter the mechanical monster? However you feel, don’t keep it to yourself! Just sign up for the forums at PopCultureNetwork.com and share your thoughts! I’m always up for hearing them! Thanks for reading this supersized column, and I hope you’ll come back next week, ready for some more RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK!


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