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Wednesday, May 23 2018 @ 02:16 AM CDT

PCN Asks Matty: Answers for 9/1/2010

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Once again our friends at Mattel have taken the time to answer our questions! Click on through to check out the answers for 9/1/2010!

1) When and if Tytus and He-Ro are re-released, will they have that awesome "Powers of Grayskull" sticker that the King Grayskull repaint got? Also will the sub exclusive Preternia Disguise He-Man get that same sticker since he's from that comic?

Yes, yes and yes.
2) Now that you have a Trollan mold from Orko, can we expect to see the elusive Gorpo in figure form? I assume Dre-elle and Montork are not fair game due to being Filmation properties?

We won’t be doing any Trollan characters created by Filmation, but that does not mean we can’t do others of our own creation or from the 2002 series.

3) Will the Real Ghostbusters line be limited only to the Retro Action line, or can we hope to see more traditional figures based on the cartoon series in the future? It's interesting to see them in this "form" but there are plenty of fans who would rather see them in the standard 6" action figure form more like the classic Kenner line.

The issue with doing 6-inch figures in the animated style is there are very few shared parts and this makes them a very expensive line to do. We’d love to do them one day, but right now our focus on the 6-inch will be on movie style to keep costs reasonable and prices down.

4) Will the newly announced PKE Meter have some way of holstering, either with an actual holster or a ring on the end to hang from the belt?

It will not come with a holster but we can’t imagine clever fans won’t create their own!
5) Will the sale of the PKE Meter determine the future of other Role Play items? If this does well is it possible to see a Ghost Trap or Ecto Goggles?

We would love to get to other prop replicas and, yes, the sale of the PKE meter will help determine this. There are a lot of cool GB gadgets to do. How cool would a proton pack be? 

Do you have your own questions you want to ask Mattel? Then head on over to our forums and ask away! A very special thanks to our friends at Mattel for taking the time to answer our questions each month!



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