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PCN Asks Matty: Answers for 10/31/2010

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Once again our friends at Mattel have taken the time to answer our questions! Click on through to check out the answers for 10/31/2010!

1) Is there a chance we could get a two tone (like 200x) or even blue headed Havoc Staff for the MOTUC Skeletor? Maybe in a Weapons Pak?

This would be a great repaint option for the Staff. Maybe we’d even repaint the half swords in Skeletor/Keldor’s purple and orange colors too since we know fans want this as well.


2) I love the idea of the MOTU vs DC 2-packs, but they are not in the same scale at all. Any chance of any DC characters getting the MOTUC treatment in the proper scale or MOTU characters being released in DCUC scale? Superman is just so Tiny next to He-man.

MOTU figures are designed to be a bit bulkier and more muscular compared to a standard toy. It is part of the look of the MOTU brand. So we don’t have plans to offer other brands in this look for now.  In a way it is proprietary to the MOTU brand and helps define the very essence of MOTU making it stand out for other toy lines!

3) While Panthor looks great unflocked, there are a large portion of MOTU fans that want a flocked Panthor. Is it at all possible to re-issue a flocked Panthor later down the road to satisfy everyone?

Possible, yes. Planned right now, no. This would clearly be a good way to refresh Panthor down the road!

4) Is there a specific reason Panthor is getting a helmet now, or is this just something extra the Horsemen sculpted? Either way, it's awesome!

Toy Guru jumping in on this one:  “Hey gang. This one I’m particularly proud of as I can actually say it was my idea. When I was a kid, I always thought it was unfair Panthor didn’t have a helmet. When Bill Benecke and I discussed Panthor I asked if we could budget in a new helmet influenced by the Havoc Staff. This was the direction we gave to the Horsemen for their sculpt. What we got back from them was pretty amazing. What’s great is that if you don’t want to use the helmet, it is 100% removable for that Classic look!”

5) Can you confirm if the head sculpt on Panthor is indeed a brand new sculpt?
The top half is new, the bottom jaw is shared with Battlecat.

Do you have your own questions you want to ask Mattel? Then head on over to our forums and ask away! A very special thanks to our friends at Mattel for taking the time to answer our questions each month!



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