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Boom Studios Advance Reviews for 11/24/2010

Comic Reviews

Boom Studios
Boom Studios Presents Advance Reviews of their titles shipping this week!

Stan Lee's The Traveler #1
Stan Lee's The Traveler #1
Incorruptible #12
Incorruptible #12
28 Days Later #17
28 Days Later #17

INeedComics.com presents full advance reviews of some of Boom Studio's 
releases this week by our very own comic book analyst Ryan Porter

Click on a cover to preview that issue.

Click Here To Read The Preview
Click Here To Read The Preview

Stan Lee's The Traveler #1

4 Stars

We might have known that Stan Lee’s return to comics in a creative role would not be limited to one series. Surely the man himself would have more than one idea kicking around that eccentric mind of his. And with The Traveler, Stan Lee’s second new creator owned series in as many months, he proves that not only does he still have ideas to contribute to the world of comics but rather he still has good ideas to contribute to the industry.

As before creator Stan Lee is able to attract one of the industry’s best writers to help him bring the idea to life. This time it’s none other than Mark Waid, the Chief Creative Officer of BOOM! Studios. After reading this issue I can only assume that Waid simply did not want to miss out on the fun of Stan Lee’s newest series. That and its Stan Lee. Who doesn’t want to work with the legend?

Unlike Lee’s other series, Solider Zero, The Traveler explodes immediately with action and wastes no time in setting up the cast of characters. The entire first issue is overflowing with superhuman fight scenes, colorful costumed characters and classic superhero dialogue. As a result the issue reads incredibly fast and leaves you with a genuine sense of fun and adventure once finished. Lee, with the help of writer Mark Waid, has recaptured the nostalgic feeling of a classic Stan Lee comic and that is truly a wonderful feeling.

In keeping with classic Stan Lee the Traveler, or Kronus as he is quickly nicknamed, is smart, well natured and engaging. Despite knowing nothing about him is immediately likeable to both the reader and the other characters that fill the story. And while much of his dialogue is explanatory it doesn’t ever feel bogged down while serving its purpose and constantly pushes the story forward.

The Traveler is immediately engaging and fun. It’s pure superhero goodness and never once tries to shy away from that or attempt to be anything other than simply that. With a little help from his friends Stan Lee has once again added to the comics industry and his own legacy.

Click Here To Read The Preview
Click Here To Read The Preview

Incorruptible #12

4 Stars

In a huge departure from the overall theme of the series to this point creator Mark Waid has delivered the most uplifting and downright enjoyable issue of Incorruptible yet. Truthfully they’ve all been enjoyable issues but this time around Waid allows Max Damage and his small group of friends to finally enjoy a victory and for once have things go their way.

Max has always survived with help from a small group of supporting characters from the recently renamed Headcase and the inconsistent support of Lieutenant Armadale. This issue carried with it the same feeling as the ‘building-the-team’ issues of other superhero series. Armadale is now fully committed to doing all he can to support Max. As for Headcase, well, we’re left to assume she’s still with Max as she spends most of the issue inebriated. And rounding out Max’s new group of supports is the Plutonian’s ex-girlfriend Alana Patel. She’s been with Max for a few issues to this point but now seems as convinced as Armadale that Max really is committed to doing the right thing as a hero.

Don’t mistake this issue for the first in a new direction for the series. There’s still plenty of action and we know that there will be more to come. Max and the group take on the Diamond Gang and begin to expose all of the dirty little secrets that go with them. But the interjection of some much needed optimism help this issue stand out from those preceding it and help breath new life into the series.

Click Here To Read The Preview
Click Here To Read The Preview

28 Days Later #17

5 Stars – BOOM! Pick of the Week!

This issue was easily one of the most eerie and disturbing issues of the series. Making things even more nerve-wracking and upsetting was that fact that issue only features the two main characters – Selena and Clint.

The issue is primarily a showcase for Selena. While you could argue that they are all centered heavily on Selena this issue reaches out to show us every side to this increasingly complex and interesting character. We see her let her guard down and smile as she enjoys some newly discovered luxuries. We see the harsh and sometime brutal side of Selena, the side of her that has kept her alive all this time but not without great cost and sacrifice. And most disturbing we begin to see a new side to Selena. A side of her that begins to reveal to us what this situation is beginning to do her and her mental stability.

The issue carries with it an incredible feeling of suspense from start to finish. Even when I should let me guard down, I can’t seem to. Maybe it’s the fact that they are in a country overrun with the infected or maybe I’ve just seen The Wizard of Oz too many times but I never would have assumed that spending time relaxing beneath an apple tree could actually end without incident.

28 Days Later continues to be and impressive and suspense-laden surprise. Each issue builds on the last quickly turning the series into one of the best horror comics available.

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