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Boom Studios Reviews for 01/05/2011

Comic Reviews

Boom Studios
Boom Studios Presents Reviews of select titles shipping this week!

Rescue Rangers #2
Rescue Rangers #2
Draculs: TCOM #5
Draculs: TCOM #5
Irredeemable #21
Irredeemable #21

INeedComics.com presents full advance reviews of some of Boom Studio's 
releases this week by our very own comic book analyst Ryan Porter

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Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers #2

4 Stars

The first issue of Rescue Rangers was a sneak peek into the potential that another Disney cartoon-inspired series may or may not posses as a comic book series. With the massive success and popularity of Darkwing Duck BOOM! was understandably anxious to try to develop another property into a comic series. The first issue of Rescue Rangers was fun and succeeded in showcasing that the series certainly had the potential to exist as a comic book alongside Darkwing Duck.

The second issue, continuing the same storyline, does an even better job of showcasing these familiar characters in a setting that perfectly captures the essence of the cartoon. The fact that Darkwing Duck and Rescue Rangers both wonderfully capture the sensations of their respective shows is not a coincidence. Writer Ian Brill, who is also writing Darkwing Duck, has worked his impressive skill yet again with Rescue Rangers. Every character fulfills their role and behaves as naturally and as humorously as I remember.

The adventure moves from one exotic location to the next as if it was a James Bond film and, again – just like the show, usually has Gidget saving the day by inventing a mode of transportation to just keep them out of harm’s way. Fat Cat, the Rangers most entertaining and infamous villain, is pulling the strings on the mystery the Rangers are currently investigating. Fat Cat was always a fun character and is a great choice for the first villain of the series. At moment I can unfortunately not remember any other villains! I guess it’s a good thing I’ve got this series to help my memory and kick-start my nostalgia.

Click Here To Read The Preview
Click Here To Read The Preview

Dracula: The Company of Monsters #5

5 Stars

After the climax of issue number four I was legitimately concerned that this smart and unique monster series would descend into a more stereotypical and uninspired gore-fest. Thankfully that is not what happened. Instead the series provided its best issue yet, featuring plenty of surprises, converging plot threads and a re-ignited storyline.

This has been a series not lacking in surprises but this issue delivered them one right after another. A majority of the surprises are not the events that transpire, though there are certainly plenty, but rather the reactions of the characters that experience those events. The decisions of certain characters throughout this issue repeatedly surprised me. Not because they were written out of character but rather these events brought out the characters real motivations and loyalties. We apparently did not know some of these characters as well as we might have assumed.

This series is almost overflowing with ridiculously wonderful concepts: a resurrected Dracula, an industrialist CEO that wants to become a vampire himself, a group of Hungarian monster hunters and vampire slayers and a brilliant combination of genres combining a corporate/political thriller with classic horror elements. Take those elements and combine them with character revelations through surprising and exciting events and Company of Monsters is a series that continues to improve with each issue.

Click Here To Read The Preview
Click Here To Read The Preview

Irredeemable #21

5 Stars – BOOM! Pick of the Week!

The threat of the Plutonian has been removed from Earth. Taken away by an advanced alien civilization the removal of the Plutonian has left the Earth in a state of peace and new-found cooperation.

If only it were that simple.

The removal of the Plutonian certainly seems like a wonderful thing. After the Plutonian snapped and destroyed one city after another his departure would appear to be a wonderful thing. But the damage he inflicted goes far beyond the death toll and the ruins of once great cities. The Plutonian’s departure has left everyone, from common citizens to the super-powered beings, with a feeling of freedom and opportunity. Not everyone will take advantage of that freedom in the same way. As you might imagine there will be those who would take advantage of a situation that no longer involves the Plutonian.

With the threat removed the focus turns to rebuilding and picking up the pieces of a former life. A life that was the norm for these characters only a few short weeks ago already seems like a distant memory. And as before, some individuals are not so eager to return to the lives they had believing, correctly or not, that their lives are better now thatn they were before.

Creator Mark Waid continues to push the boundaries of his series that once existed with such a seemingly simple concept. Waid has turned that concept into a psychologically frightening and complex character study on those individuals that call themselves heroes and the lives they create and attempt to live. Waid’s series is exponentially more interesting and complex at this point than I ever assumed it would be and there is no indication that Waid is set to rest on what he has established to this point. There truly is no limit to what could happen next.

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