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Friday, July 20 2018 @ 10:50 PM CDT

That New Toy Smell Ep. 74 featuring James Bond Jr.

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Welcome back to That New Toy Smell, your weekly dose of awesome! Pixel Dan and Flava Dave have got a great show lined up for you today!

First up, join DiRT over at this week's Toy News Desk to hear all about the new Green Lantern figure photo leaks, and the Joe Con exclusives! Following the news, Pixel Dan goes on a secret mission to deliver an exciting new video review of Hasbro's James Bond Jr. toy line! Then, it's time for the Fan Corner, where Dave and Dan answer a whole mess of new forum questions, as well as show off some fantastic Fan Art from forum member Crashmurdoch!

The weekend doesn't officially start until you watch TNTS! So get going!

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