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PCN Asks Matty: Answers for 1/15/2011

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Once again our friends at Mattel have taken the time to answer our questions! Click on through to check out the answers for 1/15/2011!

1) It was great to find that we were treated to a new combining system for the Power Sword halves that the reissue of King Grayskull came with.At some point,will the past versions of the sword halves(Skeletor,Fakor,Wun-Dar,etc.) be re-released in some sort of sword pack with this new system? 

It’s always possible. We would like to get to this and perhaps in a future Weapon Pak of figure variant.

2) If you guys ever do the MOTU characters Slush-head & Mosquitor for the Classics line (which Im quite certain you will do the latter at some point) , do you think it's possible that these figures still have their "inner liquid" feature, and if so, are you concerned about possible leakage?

It is very doubtful they will have water in them. More realistically they will be handled like Battle Armor figures with swappable plates. 

3) How did you guys come up with the name "Kyle Reccula" for Bow?

Several characters clearly needed “real names” as Bow being an actual name is like He-Man being named “Broad Sword”. When coming up with a name we first look at any vintage material or concept art to see if names were used. In the case of Bow there was no reference and the team felt he looked like a “Kyle”.  That name came up early and just stuck.

4) I had a question regarding the third release of He-Man from Cyber Monday. When I received the figures I ordered, I noticed that He-Man had a very shiny/glossy look to his paint finish much like the inaugural He-Man figure. Have you gone back to using the hi-gloss finish on the figure or is it still supposed to have the toned down body gloss (matte-esq) look?

It looks like a bit too much gloss was used and we have passed this along to quality control and our vendor. If we do another run we will try to tone this down again.

5) With Roboto obviously having the reversed shoulders and the original blurb, will people who bought him be able to get a discount since this was a problem that shouldnt have really taken place?

It is unfortunate that the shoulders were swapped but we don’t have plans to refund this figure as it is 100% functional. If there was a larger issue (such as two left feet) then we would have taken more drastic measures. In this case, the difference really comes down to the detailing of the tech lines and the space between joints. While not 100% right, it is acceptable enough (considering all of the fan sites and internal QC missed this when reviewing the figure!)


Got your own question for Mattel? Then head on over to our forums and post away! 


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