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PCN Asks Matty: Answers for 10/1/2011

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Once again our friends at Mattel have taken the time to answer our questions! Click on through to check out the answers for 10/1/2011!

Will mattel be continuing the Green Lantern and Batman Legacy lines despite the discontinuation of DC universe classics?

The Batman Legacy line will continue in Spring 2012.

The Young Justice 4" line is missing two important characters in Miss Martian and Artemis. We're almost 3 waves in, so why has neither of them gotten a figure in this scale yet? We've gotten Black Canary, so I'm guessing there's maybe a problem with the young female buck? Any info would be appreciated!

At SDCC we revealed Artemis for the 4.25" line. And just recently we revealed the Spring 2012 YJ 2-pack with Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian. So we're giving you BOTH of the female figures you've requested…enjoy!

If/When you guys can do a Land Shark vehicle (which happens to be my favorite!), can you call it Land Shark or are you gonna have to call it something else? It was brought to my attention that there is a recent Transformer called Landshark.

Trademarks open and close quite a lot in the toy industry. Our first choice would be to retail the original name if it becomes available when and if we do a Land Shark vehicle. But nothing is planned at this time.

What are, if any, the restrictions on any possible upcoming vehicles? Most of the vehicles had a gimmick to them that was essential to the toys, such as the Dragon Walker's battery operated motor or the Road Ripper's pull mechanism. Would features such as these eliminate them from the available pool of vehicles?

Right now we have not designed any vehicles past the Windraider so these type of conversations simply have not taken place!

Did Mattel decide that the Wind Raider would be the 1st Vehicle in the MOTUC line or did Mattel give the 4H full reign to decide?

This was a Mattel marketing and design decision.

Got your own questions to ask Mattel? Head on over to our forums and ask! We'll send the best 5 to Mattel directly to be answered!


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