PCN Asks Matty: Answers for 11/1/2011

Tuesday, November 01 2011 @ 08:36 AM CDT

Once again our friends at Mattel have taken the time to answer our questions! Click on through to check out the answers for 11/1/2011!

1) I was wondering that now after the new 52 Static shock is officially part of the DC universe. Does Mattel have the rights to make this character and if so is it being considered for a figure in the DC universe classics line. If you do have the rights would you also be able to make other characters from the Dakotaverse.

These characters are accessible to us. And if you are a fan of Static, you'll be happy about some news we'll have coming your way in 2012.

2) When Club Infinite Earths was in trouble of not happening we were all notified and given a chance to push the subscription over the top (a goal that was never actually attained). Why were we never told that Club Ecto-1 was in any danger? I would have no problem with it's cancellation if the line was ending. But we are being lead to believe that it is not. If production runs are based on the number of subscriptions sold, why not just lower the amount of figures produced and allow those of us who did purchase the subscription benefit from the lower locked in price point and ability to combine shipping? I'm assuming that if the number of subscriptions sold for Ghostbusters was underwhelming that the production run is going to be lowered anyway.

Because at the low number of sub sales we had there was not enough sales to justify the tooling needed for the additional 2 figures. So we had to cut down to the 3 figures tooled plus one more that was already in development.

3) With a line of Real Ghostbusters 6" figures off the table, is it possible at all to include a FEW of the ghost from the TV series into the movie line by giving them a "movie style" to make them fit in more with the others? I know you use 100% tooled figures sparingly, but adding them every once in a while would bring more life to the line since there aren't many main villians (non-pack ins with other figures) after Vigo.

This is certainly a possibility. Just no plans to announce right now!

4) When will the Flight Stands return? I need them for some of the new Masters and other lines as well.

We are looking into returning the Flight Stands as well as a 2.0 Flight Stand perhaps for 2013.

5) Considering everything that is currently planned for January, have there been any discussion about moving one of the scheduled subscription releases, such as the Star Sisters, to the much slimmer February line up?

This is due to the 30th anniversary series. We wanted to have two 30th figures to show at SDCC which meant one needed to come in Jan, the other in March. If we started the 30th program in Feb we would have only had one figure to show at SDCC (the Feb figure). But to help, we are going to move the Star Sisters from Jan to Feb to space things out a bit more.


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