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Wednesday, October 01 2014 @ 09:13 AM CDT

Video Game Losers Episode #1 - Terraria



Welcome to the new VGLosers show hosted by DiRT and Killen - Each monday we give you the latest in video game news, releases, and discuss related material. (plus whatever else enters our minds!)

Audio Version:

This week's news:

Child's Play makes All The Money

Xbox Live indie games are getting fatter and cheaper

Nobody wants to pay for Crysis 2

Amazingly enough, Atari does own games they created

Legend of Zelda has an official timeline - in Japanese

Xbox 720 is a DVR? The 3DS Needs Games

The Wii U is a tablet

Also this week we discuss the New PC hit: Terraria on Steam. Be sure to check us out each week at , a part of the Pop Culture Network ( Also be sure to help support us and the PopCultureNetwork by visiting and shopping at our store


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