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Friday, August 18 2017 @ 03:06 PM CDT

Toy Fair 2012 Mattel Voltron Classics Images

New York Toy Fair 2012

Click Here For Images
Click Here For Images

While there was nothing new shown, here's a look at Mattel's Voltron display from New York Toy Fair 2012! Click the album above to check out the pics!

We did however get a little bit of news on the Voltron property. First up, for anyone who was hoping to see Vehicle Voltron get the same treatment the Lion Force has in this new Classics line, it doesn't look like this will be happening. Mattel actually used the words "a pipedream" when asked what the chances were of seeing it.

Also, many have wondered what the status is on the new Voltron Force toys based on the new cartoon series, as nothing has been said since the initial prototypes were shown off at SDCC last year. Mattel has nothing new to show or announce, and they are still "looking into" the possibilities of producing the Voltron Force toy line. They noted that they are excited about the idea of producing the toys, they just don't have any advances thus far.

So, will the Voltron Classics be the only thing we get from Mattel out of the Voltron license? Only time will tell!


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