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Tuesday, September 23 2014 @ 05:20 AM CDT

Operation Retroshock - Episode 49 Avengers Special



Welcome Everyone to Episode 49 of Operation Retroshock!

With the dust slowly beginning to settle we thought it was time to bring you a show about the biggest movie of 2012, Marvel's Avengers! or as it is called in the UK, Avengers Assemble! Allan and Chris are joined by their good friends Ryan Porter (The Comics Corner) and Mike Lacey (Wrestleshock) to discuss all the goodness from this blockbuster.

This show however is not just about The Avengers movie....we thought what could make the show that bit better? And we decided that each of us would pick an Avenger and we would talk about their movie(s) in the run up to them Assembling together.

So lets do a head count here:

Allan picked the Genius, Billionaire,  Playboy, Philanthropist....Tony Stark aka. Iron man

Chris picked the Man with Breathtaking Anger Management issues....Bruce Banner aka. The Incredible Hulk

Mike picked the Super Soldier and Living Legend who kinda lives up to the Legend....Steve Rogers aka. Captain America

Ryan was respectfully given the Demi-God from Asgard....Thor

How about that? Sound good to you? Well then...shall we put the hammer down?

Enjoy this 3 hour monster and an extra special outtake at the end!

Be a part of the show by contacting us in a number of ways:

Skype: Vinto316 - Leave us a voicemail to do with your thoughts on what has been covered or just something to be played on the show.

Email: Contact the show by dropping Allan an Email at: and Chris at:



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