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The Spotlight #13…Hulk Smash!

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Hello and welcome back to “The Spotlight”, exclusive to the awesome Pop Culture Network. Today I am going to be taking a look at a Hasbro Mighty Muggs Hulk action figure. This figure fits in perfectly with the Wolverine figure I reviewed in December. The Mighty Muggs line has been discontinued but I still enjoy these figures very much. Hulk is a great looking figure but I do have some issues with him, so keep reading to see if he fits in with your collection.

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Hulk comes in the standard Mighty Muggs packaging. The package has both the Mighty Muggs and Marvel logos and has clear plastic that showcases the figure inside. One thing that I really like about the Mighty Muggs logo is that it states that the product is “made of 100% awesomeness”. There is also an image of the figure on both the front and side of the package. The top flap features an up close image of Hulk’s angry face, which in this style looks a little comical. The back of the packaging features another image of the figure as well as images of other figures in the Mighty Muggs Marvel line.

The figure is made of the standard Mighty Muggs parts. He has a completely circular head that is painted a dark green and that has black hair on the very top, which is simply a paint application. Hulk’s eyebrows are also a dark black color and are positioned to look as though he is angry; it makes sense for the Hulk to be portrayed as angry. He has tiny little eyes that are a darker green than the rest of his body and that are surrounded by black outlining. He also has two tiny little ears on each side of his head, which are also black paint applications. His nose is a “v” shape and there are two little ovals that are meant to represent his nostrils. Right below his nose is his gigantic open mouth. He appears to be roaring in accordance with his famous anger but, as I said before, it looks a little comical in this style. His mouth is completely blackened out except for his white teeth, which are crooked, and his green gums. There is a little black slash, right below his mouth, which is meant to be his chin and although it is very small actually adds some nice detail to the figure. Overall, the face is pretty cool looking and about what you would expect a Mighty Muggs Hulk face to look like. I always loved that Hasbro was able to capture such cool looks by just using simple paint applications as opposed to sculpted detail.

Hulk’s upper body is made of an oval shaped piece of plastic that is painted the same dark green as his head. The only breakups in the green coloring are two dots meant to be his nipples, the beginning of his pants and a half circle on his stomach meant to be his bellybutton. I would have liked it much better if they created a larger upper body for Hulk that had some paint applications to resemble large muscles. This figure is simply too much like the other figures and does absolutely nothing to demonstrate the Hulk’s incredible size or strength.

Hulk’s arms are the standard Mighty Muggs arms and are painted the same green as the rest of his body. The arms are another place that could have been made larger to show off Hulk’s strength, oh well. Hulk’s hands are sculpted in an open position, which allows you to place an accessory in either of his hands. He does not come with any accessory but you could use one from another figure. His hands have black lines to show that he has fingers and they also have small half-moon shaped dots to show off his fingernails.

Hulk has on his classic purple pants that come to an end in the middle of his legs. The purple pants are painted to have jagged edges which make it look as though he tore them as he transformed, this is an awesome looking detail. The rest of his legs are the same dark green that is all over his body and then at the very bottom of each of his legs, in the area meant to be his feet, he has four half-moon shaped toes. 

Hulk has the Mighty Muggs logo underneath his left foot and a square shaped peg hole underneath his right foot. I am not sure if they made stands for these figures but if they did he would be able to plug into them via his right foot. Overall, I like this figure a lot, I bought him after all, but I really wish that they made him a unique sculpt to show off the power and strength he possesses. Do you want to add him to your collection? Luckily, he is very reasonably priced and easy to find on the secondary market.

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I’ll catch you guys next time!



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