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Tuesday, June 19 2018 @ 09:43 AM CDT

Avengers Arena #5 Review

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Avengers Arena #5 continues the process of giving the reader more background on the participants in Arcade’s murderous game. This time we delve into the members of the Braddock Academy. These characters are unfamiliar to me, so I’m not sure if they were created specifically for Avengers Arena or if they already existed.

We also get the return of Arcade this issue, and we find out who attacked Reptil.

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What I Liked

Kev Walker took last issue off, but he’s back on art duties for issue five. His art combined with Frank Martin’s colors really make this book a joy to read. The kids actually look like kids, instead of odd-looking adults. This issue focuses a lot on Kid Briton, so a flashback gives us some insight into his personality. The final panel gives some evidence as to how his powers work. We also have a short origin for another member of the Braddock Academy.

It was good to see one of the heroes start to question what is really happening in Murder World. Fans on the internet have been debating this, so seeing it referenced in the book is a “wink/nod” to us.

Plus we get another Arcade appearance! He hasn’t been seen since issue one.

What I Didn’t Like

Issue eight was slow on action. This series hasn’t had much in the way of the heroes battling each other. For now, they haven’t turned into savages. One has to wonder how long will this last? Perhaps the more desperate they become, the more they will start turning on one other.


I am still enjoying Avengers Arena. I am hoping that after the introductions and backgrounds are given for the remaining participants, the action will get started.

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