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Movie Mania #18 … The Wedding Singer

Movie Mania

“Hey, psycho, we're not going to discuss this, ok, it's over. Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up.” Hello and welcome back to “Movie Mania”, exclusive to the awesome Pop Culture Network. Today I am going to be taking a look at the Adam Sandler romantic comedy, The Wedding Singer. This movie is full of laughs and Adam Sandler delivers a great and comedic performance. So sit back relax and join me for a look at this Adam Sandler classic.

The Wedding Singer was released in 1998 by New Line Cinema and was directed by Frank Coraci. The movie follows the story of Robbie Hart, who is a small town wedding singer getting ready to marry his longtime girlfriend. The movie is set in 1985 and has a lot of 80’s references. Robbie performs wedding receptions with an unmatched talent and is even shown to save weddings from falling apart. Working alongside Robbie is Julia Sullivan, a waitress who is in a serious relationship and who particularly enjoys Robbie’s work.

On the day of Robbie’s wedding, his fiancée Linda does not show up and Robbie is left standing at the altar. This leads Robbie to fall into depression and completely give up on life. His friend Sammy manages to talk Robbie into going back to work but he can’t handle it and winds up causing a full blown brawl at the reception. At the same time, Julia becomes engaged to Glenn Gulia and wants Robbie to perform at their wedding. Despite his recent depression and inability to work weddings, Julia manages to get Robbie to agree and the two of them set off to plan her wedding. As time goes by, Robbie and Julia begin to get attached to each other, especially as it becomes clear that Glenn is not such a great guy after all.

Of course, everything gets crazy when Linda comes back and Julia decides to run off and marry Glenn is Las Vegas. After a confrontation with Glenn on the plane and a confession of his love to Julia, Robbie and Julia wind up together and the final scene of the movie is their wedding ceremony.

Although this may seem like a completely romantic, corny and predictable movie, it is actually full of laughs and great characters. Steve Buscemi makes a few quick and hilarious appearances along with many of Adam Sandler’s recurring costars. There are a lot of funny scenes with Robbie being unable to perform properly, leading to him singing songs like “Love Stinks” and criticizing all of the “unattractive” people at the reception. It is also cool to see all of the 80’s references, with the most notable being Billy Idol’s appearance at the end of the film during the plane scene. Other nods and references include: Dynasty, Michael Jackson, Fonzie, songs like 99 Red Balloons, and many others. It feels like an 80’s movie and that is a really cool touch.

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, along with the rest of the cast, deliver excellent and hilarious performances and the movie is peppered with a lot of side characters like Rosie, Holly, George, and Andy who add a lot of extra comedy to the movie. Overall, this is a light movie but it is probably one of my favorite movies of this genre. I am a big Adam Sandler fan and although this isn’t my favorite movie that features him, it is certainly up there. The Wedding Singer was a box office success and was later adapted into a Broadway musical production.

Cast of Characters

Adam Sandler- Robbie Hart

Drew Barrymore- Julia Sullivan

Christine Taylor- Holly Sullivan

Allen Covert- Sammy

Angela Featherstone- Linda

Matthew Glave- Glenn Gulia

Ellen Albertini Dow- Rosie

Alexis Arquette- George Stitzer

Christina Pickles-Angie Sullivan

Frank Sivero- Andy

Billy Idol- Himself

Kevin Nealon- Mr. Simms

Steve Buscemi- Dave (uncredited)

Jon Lovitz- Jimmie Moore (uncredited)

Brian Posehn- “Mutant” at Table 9 (uncredited)

That will do it for this “Movie Mania” article. Please look for new and exciting articles every Thursday, only on the Pop Culture Network. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at Nick@PopCultureNetwork.com. Also, be sure to check out our free forums at www.jointheforums.com and our store at www.shoppcn.com. Thank you for reading!

I’ll catch you guys next time!

-Nick Federico


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