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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 05:22 PM CDT

Comic Book Chronicles #179: It's a Harley Jolly Blitz-mas...

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On this week's show, the monsoon of news has moved on to a stream. A steady stream, but we keeps it moving. Well, Tim's moving, but he will return next time. And who's gonna take the weight? We will! Now, what could we possibly talk about on this week's show....oh, yeah!
Don't know if you've heard or not, but a little movie called Suicide Squad is coming out. We may express our interest in as well as some news surrounding it. Does it have mass appeal or will it be hard to earn viewer's attention? There may or may not be shenanigans. We shall see. And besides that, a half a dozen books featuring Harley Quinn came out this week. okay...more like a quarter of a dozen. In any rate, they are out and at least one will possibly be talked about on the show.... I think. Rest assured, come what may of that, there is more in store. We will have a little more info on the upcoming, highly anticipated by some, +Netflix US & Canada  show Marvel's Luke Cage. We also have some more news on the Spider-Man: Homecoming front you may be interested in, as well as other +Marvel Entertainment  movies. And it seems 50 Cent is taking a step into the arena and developing a superhero based show of some kind. Is he doing it just to get a rep? We may, or may not, get too deep on that one.
Moving on, as per daily operation, we use our skills to bring the full clip of comic news and reviews of the week's comic books right where you stand! Then will come the moment of truth: our picks for #kliqsoftheweek, and you know you don't want to miss those. (I mean, if you did, we might have to B.Y.S.)
It's a long way to go to let you know that you should come watch the show. Check the Technique, see if you can follow!



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