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Sunday, March 29 2015 @ 11:25 PM CDT

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The Comics Corner - 2012 Resolutions!

The Comics Corner
Welcome to the Comics Corner! It’s the beginning of a New Year and with it comes the inevitable period of reflection before looking ahead optimistically to the future. Even my comic book reading and collecting is not immune to such scrutiny and I’ve decided to share my comic-centric Resolutions for 2012. What challenges and goals have I set for myself in the year to come? Only one way to find out and that’s by coming into the Corner to see what’s in store in 2012!

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TNTS News Desk: Transforming LEGO Classics

Toy News

DiRT's here to take a look at Girl LEGOs, Botcon Soundwave, DCU Classics All-Stars, and a few other announcements!

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From The Command Center – Episode 09

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!! In Episode 09 Scotty and Mike take off into Space! In the intro to the episode we read and respond to some overly nitpicky feedback. Then we get into the In Space Talk. Some thing we forgot to bring up was the whole Andros and Ashley blossoming relationship. So blast off with us into Space! YES I put two different versions of the Space theme in this episode!


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Pixel Dan's Top 5 Favorite Toys of 2011

Pop Culture Network

Happy New Year! There were a lot of cool toys released in 2011! Which were Pixel Dan's favorites? Watch and find out! Then, post your favorite figures of 2011!

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Kotobukiya Star Wars ArtFX+ R2-D2 & C-3PO 1/10 Scale Statue Two-Pack Review

Toy Reviews

Pixel Dan takes a look at the latest piece in Kotobukiya's Star Wars ArtFX+ line-up! Check out C-3PO and R2-D2!

For more information on Kotobukiya and their products, visit www.KotoUS.com and follow them on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/Kotobukiya

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Green Lantern Movie Masters Morro Review

Toy Reviews

 Here's a look at presumably the final Green Lantern Movie Masters solo figure of the line in Morro!

Plus, it's Suine Hallock's first review of 2012, which includes his new vow that all of his videos this year will include appearances by at least one of his cats! You'll have to watch to find out which kitty makes each review! =^.^=

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Hughes The Force Comic PDF Now Available!

Comic Book News



Pop Culture Network's own Ryan Porter read and reviewed the Hughes The Force comic last summer, and now you can read it for free! Just head on over to http://www.hughestheforce.com and download the PDF today! Read Ryan's Hughes The Force Review and EXCLUSIVE Preview to remind yourself why YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

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It Figures! The Toy and Action Figure Podcast Episode 135: DirtyCast

It Figures Podcast

Welcome to episode #135! It's a slow toy news week, but there are still a few topics, such as

  • BotCon exclusive Soundwave revealed
  • Four Horsemen Infinity OSM shipping soon
  • Four Horsemen invite your customs to appear in their gallery

But even though it's a slow news week, there's still an extra helping of Fan Corner! Pixel Dan, Killen, and Stina run down questions and topics in a super sized Fan Corner thread! Enjoy!


Podcast Powered By Podbean

Click the logo above to download the mp3

Video Version:

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Comiholics LITE Episode 2 - Critical Millennium

Comiholics Podcast


Comiholics LITE Episode 2


Less filling than our regular episodes, but still packed
with the same great taste! Comiholics LITE is a shorter
look into the world of comic books, but don't worry -
we're still drinking! This time around, we're taking a
look at CRITICAL MILLENNIUM from Archaia! So
pour yourself a pint and join us for the great taste that
won't fill you up, but never lets you down!

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WWE Transforming Rumble Rig Review!

Toy Reviews

DiRT takes a look at this amazing WWE Rumblers Playset, the changes from a tractor trailer big rig to a WWE Arena!

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