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Star Wars

The STAR WARS saga gains a thrilling new chapter in 2014 with the release of STAR WARS REBELS, an all-new animated series set in the largely unexplored time period between EPISODE III and EPISODE IV. To celebrate this groundbreaking new series, which follows the motley crew of the starship Ghost as they struggle against the evil Galactic Empire, Hasbro is launching two exciting toy lines in 2014. The STAR WARS REBELS line features a wide range of action figures, vehicles and role-plays toy directly based on the animation, and includes Rebel heroes like EZRA, KANAN, and ZEB as well as evil villains like the INQUISITOR and AGENT KALLUS. The brand new STAR WARS COMMAND line lets kids finally take command of the greatest battles in STAR WARS history! Kids can pit huge armies of collectibly-sized figures and vehicles against each other to determine the fate of the galaxy! And, for the first time ever, kids can harness the power of the FORCE to launch a STAR DESTROYER into battle with the wave of a hand. Combining classic army play with collectability and innovative action features, STAR WARS COMMAND puts control of the STAR WARS saga in kids’ hands like never before!

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