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PCN Offices:

Pop Culture Network
 1650 Wabash Ave, Ste. G
Springfield, IL 62704



Name:  Damien Killen
Position: Editor-in-Chief
Primary Work: PCN Store, It Figures, Video Game Losers, That New Toy Smell,  Reviewer, Editor



Professional Reader
Name: Doug "DiRT" Turner
Position: Senior Editor
Primary Work: VGLosers Founder, I Need Comics, Comic Book Reviews and Features, It Figures! Podcast, Wrestling Radio Podcast, Podcast Editor, That New Toy Smell, Reviewer, Comiholics Podcast, Comic Nation TV



Name: Scotty "Cash" Clark 
Position: Field Reporter and Contributor
Primary Work: From the Command Center, That New Toy Smell, Toy Reviews



Name: "Intern" Rick Loschen
Position: Field Reporter and Contributor
Primary Work: It Figures, Beyond the Box, PCN Store Staff


Name: John "Orko" Proft
Position: Message Board Liaison
Primary Work: Primary Work: Handles the communication between the website and the message board... LIKE A BOSS!



Name: Nicholas Ochoa
Position: Field Reporter
Primary Work: Convention Reporting and Photography, Retail Reports, Toy News Contributor



Name: Aris "The Apocalypse" Liapakis
Position: Contributor
Primary Work: Comiholics, INeedComics.com, Comic Reviewer, Field Reporter



Name: Nicholas Federico
Position: Staff Writer
Primary Work: Nick's Toy Column, The Spotlight, Column Writer, Toy Reviewer

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