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TNTS Episodes

Welcome to That New Toy Smell, the web series dedicated to the latest news and discussion of toys and action figures from the past and now! Each episode features an original video review taking a look at a classic or current action figure or toy line! So what are you waiting for? Join host "Pixel Dan" Eardley and a cast of talented and entertaining toy enthusiasts such as DiRT, Scotty Cash, and Suine Hallock as they talk toys! A brand new episode launches every Saturday, so always be sure to check back for the latest episode!

Below is a listing of each episode! Click the title to view the desired episode, or watch on the embedded playlist!

There's just nothing quite like That New Toy Smell!

1-1: Mattel's Food Fighters 10-3: The Toyman Show  32: Mattel's Hook 
1-2: Kenner's Aliens 11-1: Tomy's Disney Magical Collection  33: LJN's Wrestling Superstars
1-3: Mattel's DC Infinite Heroes (Grand Opening)  11-2: Tonner Walt Disney Showcase  34: Hasbro's Marvel Universe 
2-1: Ban Dai M.U.S.C.L.E. 11-3: Disney Town Square Playset  35: Kenner's Waterworld 
2-2: Pixel Dan's Top Ten TMNT Figures  12-1: Pixel Dan's Favorite Playsets 36: Playmates' Skeleton Warriors 
2-3: Scotty Cash's Hulk Hogan Collection  12-2: DiRT's Favorite Playsets  37: Palisades' Muppets 
3-1: Mattel's Computer Warriors  12-3: Scotty's Favorite Playsets  38: Jakks Pacific's WWE Micro Agression Playsets 
3-2: Jakks Pacific's WWE Micro Agression (Grand Opening)  13-1: Coleco's Sectaurs 39: Mattel's The Mighty Ducks
3-3: NECA's Tron 2.0  13-2: G.I. Joe ROC Vehicles (Grand Opening)  40: Toy Biz's Lord of the Rings 
4-1: Cool Christmas Toys  13-3: McFarlane's Sports Picks  41: Mattel's Flintstones 
4-2: DiRT's Bah Humbug  14-1: Ghostbusters Collector's Collections  42: Kenner's DC Super Powers 
4-3: Christmas Memories  14-2: Diamond's Ghostbusters MiniMates  43: Onell Design's Glyos System 
5-1: Top Ten MOTU Vehicles & Playsets  14-3: Kenner's Ghostbusters  44: Tyco's Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 
5-2: MOTU Board Game   15: Tonka's The Rock Lords 45: Mattel's GreGory the Vampire Bat 
5-3: Top Ten Mostu Unique MOTU Figures   16: More Friday the 13th 46: Ace Novelty's Tales from the Cryptkeeper 
5-4: MOTU Collector's Collections   17: The Manglors 47: Matchbox's Maxx F/X 
6-1: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Commander   18: Toy Biz's Uncanny X-Men 48: Kenner's Wonder World 
6-2: Ito's Batman Collection   19: Zen the Interalactic Ninja 49: Mattel's DC Universe Classics 
6-3: Hasbro's Indiana Jones   20: Hot Toy's Superheroes 50: OUR COLLECTIONS! 
7-1: M.A.S.K. Collector's Collections   21: Return to The Toyman Show 51: DiRT's DiSCO DiTTy 
7-2: Friday the 13th   22: Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics 2009 52: Ace Novelty's Stone Protectors
7-3: Bandai's Mighty Mophin Power Rangers   23: Bandai's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 53: Kenner's Starting Lineup 
8-1: Mattel's DC Infinite Heroes   24: Mattel's Men of Medal 54: Playmates' Star Trek InnerSpace 
8-2: Captain Power (Grand Opening)   25: Flava Dave's Collection 55: Hot Wheel's : Incredible Crash Dummies 
8-3: Tonner DC Stars   26: LEGO Star Wars 56: Gremlins Toys 
9-1: Playmates' Star Trek TNG   27: Kenner's Savage Mondo Blitzers 57: Hasbro's Battle Beasts 
9-2: Playmates's Star Trek 2009   28: Robotix 58: McDonald's Changeables 
9-3: Diamond's Star Trek MiniMates   29: Toy Fair 2010 Battle Beasts MiniMates 59: Hasbro's Heroes 
10-1: Hasbro's Bucky O'Hare   30: Mattel's Demolition Man 60: Toy Biz's Spider-Man Classics 
10-2: Mattel's Bravestarr   31: Mattel's Last Action Hero 61: Palisades' Muppets Revisited 


62: Playmates' Gormiti 92: DC Direct Batman Hush part 3   
63: Sideshow's Universal Monsters 93: Four Horsemen Design's Outer Space Men Holiday Edition  
64: Mattel's Mad Scientist Monster Lab Playset  94: Hasbro's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic  
65: Matchbox's Monster in my Pocket  95: Mattel's Major Matt Mason   
66: Palisades' Muppets Revisited Again  96: Kenner's Swamp Thing  
67: Disney Star Wars Character Figures  97: Galoob's ROM: Spaceknight Warrior   
68: Jakks' WWF Bone Crunching Figures 98: 1999 Burger King Pokemon   

69: Mattel's Computer Warriors Computer Playset

99: Panosh Place's Voltron Castle of Lions   
70: Biff Bang Pow!'s Twilight Zone Retro Figures 100: Our Most Important Toys  
71: The History of LEGO 101: Panosh Place Voltron  
72: Christmas Special 2010 102: Heroscape  
73: Dan and Dave's Top Ten of 2010 103: San Diego Comic Con 2011
74: Hasbro's James Bond Jr. 104: Trendmasters Voltron  
75: Playskool's Definitely Dinosaurs 105: Matchbox & Toynami Voltron  
76: Playamtes' Dick Tracy 106: Disney 100 Years of Magic  
77: Kenner's Terminater 2 Future War 107: SF Toymakers ECW  
78: Playmates' The Simpsons Wave 1 108:   
79: Spinmasters' Tron Legacy Die Cast 109:   
80: DC Direct's Pocket Super Heroes 110:   
81: The Many Versions of the TMNT part 1 111:   
82: Willow 112:   
83: Transformers Power Core Combiners 113:   
84: The Many Versions of the TMNT part 2 114:   
85: Diamond Select Toys Star Trek 115:   
86: DC Direct Batman Hush part 1 116:   
87: Kenner Robocop 117:   
88: DC Direct Batman Hush part 2 118:   
89: Shifty Brick 119:   
90: The Many Versions of the TMNT part 3 120:   
91: Four Horsemen Design's Outer Space Men (wave1) 121:   


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TNTS Episodes
Authored by: CoDan on Friday, July 08 2011 @ 01:23 PM CDT

Heyyyyy Guyys, long time TNTS watcher but new Forum Member, ive got 3 questions for you :P. i was wondering with the new Conan film coming out soon, do you think it will have a toy line ? if so do you think it would be movie masters like or DCUC like.

Also is there any new or info on a Snake armour He-Man and a 200x King Hsss in the Masters Classics line ?

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TNTS Episodes
Authored by: hasbrofan91939 on Saturday, June 25 2011 @ 05:22 PM CDT

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygggggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssss, im 13 and im a big fan my question is  what do you think of  the star wars vintage collecton figures


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