Chucky Is Ready To Play At SDCC 2019!

I’m Chucky, wanna play?

From the cult-classic horror series Child’s Play, this 2019 Convention Exclusive REVO™ features everyone’s favorite trash talking murdering doll as a 2019 Convention Exclusive knife-wielding variant. Warning: he does not play well with others, but he’ll spin and cut like a blender just for you!

Have you seen Factory Entertainment’s REVOS™ yet?!

REVOS™ are not your everyday static vinyl figures. REVOS™ (pronounced rē-vōs) are the world’s first vinyl figures with a unique twist—collectability and play value! Each stylized 4 inch tall figure features a proprietary self-righting mechanism built into its base, which means you can spin’em, rock‘em, revolve’em and knock‘em, but you literally can’t put them down!

Available to pre-order now at or at San Diego Comic-Con, Booth # 2743 July 17 – 21, 2019. While supplies last.

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