Early Luigi’s Mansion 3 Reviews are Overwhelmingly Positive

Luigi and Poulterpup

Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes out on October 31st, more commonly known as Halloween. Nintendo sent out some early copies to influencers and news sites to get their review of the game, and it appears the game is set to be one of the best Switch titles.

IGN, the most popular news site for video games and movies, gives Luigi’s Mansion 3 an 8.3 out of 10. Although they have not yet given a full review of the game, it appears they really enjoy the game.

Ars Technica, another news outlet known for covering technology and science, says the game is ‘…the most ‘Nintendo’ game from Nintendo in years.’

Nick Summers, the senior editor for Engadget, says that Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘…is an easy recommendation for Switch owners. It’s another charming adventure filled with light puzzles and *stunning* environments…’

A screenshot of Luigi’s Mansion 3

Dave Jewett, a video producer and host for GameSpot, says that while he’s ‘…only put about 6 hours into Luigi’s Mansion 3 so far but I absolutely fell in love with it.’

Alan Wen, a freelance game writer and critic, says that ‘…this might be one of the best-looking Nintendo Switch titles yet,’ and ‘…this is the ghost-gusting adventure at its charming best.’ With all this praise, he reviews the game at a whopping 5 stars out of 5. He also adds, ‘If Illumination Studios hit the same levels as some of these cut scenes, that Mario movie is gonna be lit.’

Chris Scullion of Tired Old Hack says that even though he was not a fan of the other two Luigi’s Mansion games, and says that ‘…it’s absolutely fantastic.’

Now, keep in mind that early reviewers often give out good reviews because they enjoy getting the product early, so it may not accurately represent what the final reviews have to say.