Check out a brand-new lettered preview of the highly anticipated comic, FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR #1, on sale June 8

 Right now, fans can get their first look at one of the most highly anticipated comics of the year—FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR #1! Debuted earlier today on IGN, the thrilling preview shows the exact moment where the Fortnite and Marvel universes collide and Spider-Man realizing that it’ll take the greatest heroes from both to save all of reality…

Written by veteran Marvel writer Christos Gage and Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard and drawn by acclaimed artist Sergio Dávila, the comic’s story follows the inhabitants on the Island who are locked in what seems to be a never-ending war, and only one thing has the potential to turn the tide—a crystallized fragment of the Zero Point that was cast into the Marvel Universe! Spider-Man and Wolverine team up with Shuri and several fan-favorites from Fortnite to hunt down the elusive Zero Shard. Will these allies be able to find it in time and avert catastrophe? And can the heroes of Marvel and Fortnite’s realities hold off the Imagined Order long enough to give them a fighting chance? Don’t miss this momentous saga packed with incredible ramifications for both universes!

“There’ll be a few things you see in both the game and the comic—mostly in our final issue,” Gage explained to IGN in an exclusive interview. “But for the most part, what happens in the game and what happens in the comic are different fronts in the same war. Some questions that players might have about the game are answered in the comic, and vice versa, though neither are required to follow the story in the other.”

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