Become First Knight in Lancelot – Available Now!

Steal the Heart of Queen Guinevere and Be Elected First Knight in Lancelot, Available Now!

Hillside, NJ – January 17, 2018 – WizKids is pleased to announce their newest game, Lancelot, is now available in North American game stores. Designed by Mario Papini and licensed from Ergo Ludo Editions, 2 – 4 players take on the role of a Knight of Camelot within the Court of King Arthur. Your main goal is to travel the lands of ancient Britain, complete quests, and grow in virtue to be elected First Knight, Lancelot, and win the heart of Queen Guinevere!
Players take turns moving clockwise around the game board, stopping at various locations like The Stronghold for weapons, The Lake to find the legendary sword Excalibur, The Dragon to complete quests, and even searching for The Holy Grail. Players are free to move where they want, but should plan their moves carefully while they work toward collecting Virtue Points. When all players have worked their way around the board once, a new round starts, and after 7 rounds, whoever has earned the most Virtue Points wins.

Begin each round by taking a seat at The Round Table! Each spot gains advantages and bonuses based on a famous figure from the legends of Camelot. King Arthur helps gain more virtue, Merlin gives a free potion, even the evil Morgana grants a unique ability; able to circle the board TWICE! Choose an ally that best suits your play style, or switch it up and see whose special skills work with your goals.

Prove your worth through knightly virtues! Court ladies, defeat enemy knights, and so much more can be done in the land of Camelot. Just don’t fall too far behind the other knights, else risk losing the chance of earning the pristine title of becoming First Knight!

Pick up Lancelot today at your FLGS for $54.99, and take your place at the table of legends!

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