Night And Day Are The Brave And Bold

How do we see this story working? What sparks will fly when two of the most famous Justice Leaguers work together without Big Blue? Add Superman to this mix and we have what is traditionally known as “the Trinity.” So how might things shake out given that the Last Son of Krypton IS NOT going to be around to act as the control agent for The Brave And The Bold: Batman And Wonder Woman #1 (DEC170238)?

Questions are boundless. Who’s the large guy is in the background on the front cover? What’s his role in the story?

Here’s the good news: this is a six-issue mini-series. A formidable commitment. Good stuff, too, as we can feel the electricity from here. Batman and Wonder Woman dealing with “fairy folk”? At the least, this is sort of an atypical story for Batman, yes? Vampires, ok. But fairies? Do they wear boots?

The bottom line is that a Celtic god’s murder is going to lead to a war with the fairy folk, and a such a breach between worlds would be disastrous. Enter Wonder Woman who must find the murderer and keep the peace, while Batman does his best to investigate strange occurrences in Gotham City that appear to have strange synchronicity with their fairy problem.

The Brave And The Bold: Batman And Wonder Woman #1 (DEC170238) hits comic shops February 21!

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