Unleash Eldritch Fun in A’Writhe: A Game of Eldritch Contortions—Available Now!

WizKids is excited to announce that its twisted party game of writhing tentacles and ritual summoning, A’Writhe: A Game of Eldritch Contortions, designed by Jay Treat, is now available in North American game stores!

A’Writhe is for two teams of two or three teams of two. Each team consists of a cultist, who is beseeching a Great Old One to twist and contort to corrupt parts of Arkham in an attempt to form a secret pattern only known to the cultist. But other Great Old Ones can (unbeknownst to them) help form the pattern needed. If a team scores three such patterns, that Great Old One is successfully summoned to our plane.

With 4 different game modes and 8 different Great Old Ones to choose from, there are endless ways to create the patterns of corruption needed to secure your ravenous domain over the world.

Pick up your copy of A’Writhe: A Game of Eldritch Contortions for $39.99 at your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!