WARTILE gets massive free update with a new stor & tons of new features!

Frankfurt/Germany, Copenhagen/Denmark, September 13th 2018: In February, WARTILE stepped out of Early Access and found thousands of new fans. Instead of just celebrating the success, developer PlaywoodProject continued to work on the game and tomorrow one massive update will be released.

The free update, which has been in the works under the codename “True Viking Edition” improves WARTILE in countless ways, most importantly redefining the whole story of the game. The complete story was rewritten and is now supported by cutscenes and a famous narrator. “We managed to get a true viking as the narrator. George Blagden, known for playing Athelstan in the award winning TV Show Vikings”, says Michael Rud Jakobsen from PlayWood Project.

The new story is supported by many other improvements: A new tutorial map has been added, a new encounter system has been implemented, a new ability system is in place and the overall UI is now much easier to read. Of course, each and every battleboard has been tweaked and tuned, every enemy, every character and nearly all the abilities have been updated.

To celebrate the new update, WARTILE will be 40% off on Steam.

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