NAIRI: Tower of Shirin – Set for Release 29th November (Switch/Steam)

Point and Click Adventure with a Magical Fusion of Ideals
Gelderland, the Netherlands – October 23rd, 2018 – Today indie developer
HomeBearStudio is excited to reveal that point and click adventure Nairi: Tower of Shirin is set for release on November 29th, 2018, simultaneously launching on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

“It’s been an exciting and creative time for the team developing a game with not only with a unique setting, and strong and endearing cast, but one inspired by many facets, including Japanese anime but also Disney Pixar. A synergy with so many ideas, strong storyline and tantalising puzzles, plus appealing to a wide audience with compelling gameplay has been our goal. We believe that we have achieved this through our love of the adventure genre. We wanted to offer something a little bit special – NAIRI: Tower of Shirin – is the result.” Joshua van Kuilenburg, founder of HomeBearStudio reflected. “NAIRI: Tower of Shirin is a point and click adventure puzzle game that offers up stunning graphics, engaging cast, superb audio, powerful narrative and puzzles that are a seamless part of the appealing storyline.”
The player follows Nairi, a young girl from the rich district of Shirin. A sudden incident forces her to abandon her rich, sheltered life, and she eventually ends up in the seedy lower district of the city ruled by gangs. Nairi meets a former gang member called Rex, who joins her throughout their adventure as they uncover a dark mystery involving the mysterious Tower of the oasis city of Shirin.

Features Include:​
  • Expertly designed hand-drawn charming characters and locations
  • A storyline that will grip the player throughout
  • Tons of items to collect, trade and combine into wacky items
  • Brain-teasing puzzles
  • Beautifully composed soundtrack
  • Intuitively designed interface
  • Localisation to English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin – An Experience Not to be Missed!
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