Flat Heroes Update & Discount!

Frankfurt/Germany, November 1st 2018: In August, Flat Heroes released on Nintendo Switch™ and became a milestone within the genre, receiving a Gold Award from Famitsu and beeing praised from critics all over the world. As of today, Flat Heroes became even better.

Developer Parallel Circles and Publisher Deck13 have been listening to the community and released a fresh update today, introducing not only various fixes but also a new feature, allowing players to capture videos on the Nintendo Switch™ . Players can now save their most epic moments, like when they dodge those last arrows to barely survive a super intense chase, or when they and your friends finally beat a colossal boss. And they can keep them forever.

Next to this, the game has been improved on some minor details, such as some animations and enemy interactions, to make the gameplay and the experience better in general,

To celebrate the new update, Flat Heroes is now 20% off on the eShop.

About DECK13

Deck13 Interactive is one of Germany’s leading developers. Employing more than 60 and with studios located in Frankfurt. With the “Deck13 Spotlight” label the team established a publishing service to help independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences.

About Parallel Circles

Founded in 2016, after a few years working for the big guys (TTGames) the components of Parallel Circles decided to leave the premier league to start a new adventure on their own, giving their projects the polishing, care and love that the AAA industry can rarely deliver.

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