Redman: Volume 2. New dangers await in this 5 page preview!

Imprisoned in a vicious cycle of death and violence, Redman’s exhaustive battle persists. New monsters – “Kaiju” – confront him at every turn; on land, in the sea and even underground! He fights the beasts with every last fiber of his being, innovating and reimagining his attacks and weaponry to ensure his victory. What forces have brought him to this place and continue to pit the Kaiju against him? It’s a mystery he is determined to confront… And soon.
Produced by Phase6 and published in the U.S. by Night Shining, Inc.
(w) Matt Frank (a) Matt Frank, Gonzalo Lopes (c) Matt Frank, Josh Perez
1st printing. 120 pages, full color.
Ships January 2019.

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