Spin Master Introduces Explosive Entertainment and Innovative Play with 2019 Product Portfolio

Award-Winning Children’s Entertainment Company Showcases Diverse Range of Toys, Entertainment and Games at the North American International Toy Fair

TORONTOFeb. 15, 2019 /CNW/ – Spin Master Corp. (TSX:TOY, www.spinmaster.com), a leading global children’s entertainment company, will reveal its most diverse portfolio of innovative toys, games, products and entertainment properties at the upcoming North American International Toy Fair in New York City from February 16 through 19, 2019.


“At Spin Master, we’re always pushing the boundaries of innovation, inspiring play and delivering fun to children around the world,” said Ben Gadbois, Spin Master’s President and COO. “We’re excited to introduce our 2019 portfolio, with new toys and surprising extensions to favorite lines that will win over the hearts of children and their parents. These toys spark imagination and new play patterns, whether it is the battling excitement of Bakugan, the sweet-smelling delight of Candylocks or collectible favorites such as Hatchimals CollEGGtibles and Twisty Petz.”

With a rich history of disruptive innovation and a breadth of product offerings, from popular collectibles and stylish dolls to the latest technology advancements, Spin Master continues to be at the forefront of trends, leading the industry and capturing the hearts and minds of children. This past year, Spin Master surpassed its 100th nomination for the prestigious Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards, with a total of seven nominations for the upcoming 2019 awards ceremony in addition to and seven nominations for the Women in Toys (WIT) Awards.

Unboxing 2.0: The Reveal within the Reveal

Collectible toys with an element of surprise continue to be top-sellers in the toy industry. In 2019, Spin Master takes this trend further revealing more hidden surprises beyond the initial unboxing. Children can enjoy the element of surprise as they unbox their toys, hatch their eggs and reveal new exciting features. From royal gemstones to snowy nests, there’s a whole new world of Hatchimals in 2019.

  • Hatchimals CollEGGtibles™ Season 5 takes a deep dive under the Hatchtopian sea! Hatch shimmery seashell-shaped eggs and discover Mermal Magic characters that are half-Hatchimal, half-Mermaid. Uncover another layer of surprise – Mermals change colors when submersed in warm water! Over 80 characters to collect with fun accessories. Age: 5+; MSRP $2.99 USD and up
  • Hatchimals CollEGGtibles™ Season 6 gets the royal treatment. With five new crystalized eggs and groups of friends to discover, the egg innovation continues to provide a magical experience. Collect frosty friends and help them get ready for the ball and the Polar Palace royals who are bedecked in crown jewels. With 80+ characters to hatch and collect, immerse in a polar world with tons of new accessories. Age: 5+; MSRP: $2.99 USD and up
  • Hatchimals Pixies™ – Meet a new HFF (Hatch Friends Forever)! With super glittery hair and wings, poseable heads and sculpted fashion inspired by their Hatchtopia homes; Glittering Garden, Polar Paradise, Crystal Cannon and Wishing Star Waterfall. Eight different adorable Pixies to hold, hatch and love, each with three accessories. Age: 5+; MSRP: $9.99 USD

Sweet Like Candy

Kids love to play with their food, especially sweets and treats! Spin Master introduces new brands, Candylocks™ and Lollipets™ and sweet plush from GUND, delivering delicious smells and candy-themed play.

  • Candylocks™ transform from a cloud of cotton candy on a stick to a stylish and cute doll. Each doll’s “cotton candy” hair, is super soft, long and scented. The doll’s unique hair texture makes it simple to create amazing braids, twists, buns and ponytails that won’t fall out. Shaped like a cotton candy cone, take her home to reveal the doll and its unique sweet-smelling hair with scents like vanilla cupcake and cotton candy. Unwrap the accessories for additional mystery surprises. Collect all 25 dolls for a super sweet squad! Age: 5+; MSRP $9.99 USD and up
  • Lollipets™ are cute collectible pets that really move. Willing to do anything for their favorite sugary treat – a lollipop! Hold it above them to make them hop; behind to make them sprint, in front to make them follow or beside to make them dodge. Collect all 20 characters and they will be so happy to see each other, they’ll smooch! Unbox rare Lollipets™ from Cotton Candy Canyon plus fuzzy, glittery, brightly colored or pastel colored pets to add to the collection. Age: 5+; MSRP $7.99 USD and up
  • GUND® Cotton Candy Turquoise Llamacorn has arrived in a flutter of sparkle and shine! Cotton Candy’s ultra-soft, uniquely textured pastel turquoise plush is accented by sparkling iridescent rainbow hooves, twisted horn and fluffy tail. A big, pink smile and long lashes give her a sweet expression. This 11″ magical creature makes a great gift for llama and unicorn enthusiasts alike. Age: 1+; MSRP $20.00 USD

Explosive Entertainment

Spin Master has become a leader in bringing beloved characters from the TV or movie screen into the playroom. Through the incredible success of Spin Master IP such as PAW Patrol and Bakugan, the company is expanding its entertainment line-up and has secured top licenses, so kids can continue to engage with their favorite characters in their own homes.

  • PAW Patrol® introduces its new season theme Mighty Pups Super Paws this summer. With an all new Mighty Pups Super Paws Lookout Tower and cool toys like a Supersonic Jet, Power-Changing Vehicles and Die-cast collect vehicles, the Mighty Pup adventures are endless! Age: 2+; MSRP $3.99 USD and up
  • Monster Jam® monster trucks from Spin Master embody the authentic style and swagger of their real-life counterparts. Complete with BKT tires, stylized chrome rims, an authentic chassis with chrome detailing and a molded driver these new trucks are just like the real thing, only fun-sized! Ten new trucks and playsets hit store shelves this spring, including the RC 1:10 Scale Grave Digger Truck that enables kids to perform epic stunts. Age: 3+; MSRP $3.99 USD and up
  • How To Train Your Dragon® (HTTYD) reveals an exclusive line of toys based on DreamWorks’ highly successful HTTYD: The Hidden World. Featuring characters and gear directly from the world of Dragons so that kids can re-live the magic in their own home! The toy line includes mystery collectible figures, dragon and Viking figure sets, playsets for expanded fun, a range of plush and more. Age: 4+; MSRP $3.99 USD and up

Battle & Brawl

The newest play trend in 2019 enlists the best of the best to engage in thrilling battles and brawls to become the ultimate master. Spin Master is proud to introduce Bakugan® for endless battling fun.

  • Bakugan® is back! After eight long-awaited years, the planet is awakening and a new era of Bakugan is here. Answer the call to brawl by facing off against friends. Pop-open figures transform from BakuBalls to Bakugan. Recreate the excitement of the TV show and collect favorite characters. These fierce creatures transform in just one roll. Enter the Battle Planet and get ready to Bakugan brawl! Age: 6+; MSRP $6.99 USD and up

Elevated Classics

Some toys, games and activities remain at the top of kids’ wish-lists year over year. Spin Master has taken these evergreen concepts and given them a seamless upgrade for the children of today’s advanced world. From word games with new twists and challenges, to an innovative revival of the traditional spirograph, families can find new-age fun from Spin Master’s 2019 releases of Upwords and GIFEEZ.

  • Upwords is a fun and challenging word game, originally launched in 1982. In the revival of this game, each player gathers seven word tiles and takes a turn at building a word. Unlike other word games on the market, all letters carry the same point value in Upwords. To gain more points, stack tiles on top of each other. When all tiles are used, the player with the highest number of points wins the game! Perfect for family game night as kids and parents alike love to get in on this fun game. Age: 8+; MSRP $19.99 USD
  • Gifeez™ is the only activity toy that lets kids spin to reveal an animated GIF worth sharing. Draw, color and customize your very own GIF with any one of the Gifeez animation, art or template disks. With a simple spin creations come to life. Mix discs and customize them with stickers for endless story-telling possibilities. To share your newly created GIF, download the Gifeez app. #Gifeez. Age: 6+; MSRP $19.99 USD

Pet Play

What child doesn’t want a loveable pet of their own? Spin Master is releasing new pet-like friends that will connect with kids and teach them about development, care and responsibility.

  • Juno The Elephant™ is a super cute elephant with an animated trunk that can hug, pick things up and make adorable trumpet sounds. Give Juno her peanut and toy mouse accessories and she will interact and play with them. With intuitive learning capabilities, Juno will grow from shy to silly through touch and play. Age: 4+; MSRP$99.99 USD
  • Introducing Owleez, the first and only interactive pets that you can rescue, take care of and even teach to fly! Their super expressive eyes will tell you if they are happy, sad, hungry and more. Love them, care for them and they will be so happy, they will fly.  Just like a real pet that you can feed, pet, tickle and rock, Owleez will respond to your touch. Includes one Owleez pet, one nest for nap time and charging and one bunch of berries for feeding. Age: 6; MSRP: $49.99 USD

Extreme Creativity

Spin Master is releasing several new activity toys that encourage kids to test their imaginations and engage in hands-on play. With fresh playsets from award-winning brands Kinetic Sand™ and Cool Maker™ and the debut of Off The Hook™bring creativity to new heights and provide countless hours of fun.

  • The Kinetic Sand™ Sandisfying Set™ includes everything you need to create your own #Sandisfying videos. With 2lb of colored sand and over 10 tools, you can flow, mix, cut, squish and mold your sand to create mesmerizing motions. Record it on your phone using the included phone holder, and then share your creations on social media using #Sandisfying @KineticSand! Age: 3+; MSRP $19.99 USD
  • Cool Maker™ Go Glam™ Nail Stamper is the ultimate at-home nail kit to stamp and style custom manicures in minutes! With five patterns and unique nail polish colors to choose from, kids can mix and match to decorate 125 nails of any size. #GoGlamGoals! Age: 8+; MSRP $24.99 USD
  • Off The Hook™ offers enhanced customized doll play and dress-up. There are six mannequin-style dolls to collect, each with their own outfits, accessories and hidden surprises. Dress and style any doll from head to toe with mix and match fashions from three trendy collections: Spring Dance, Summer Vacay and Music Concert. Age: 6+; MSRP$7.99 USD and up

Media and influencers are invited to visit Spin Master at the North American International Toy Fair 2019, Booth #1635to see these products first-hand. Follow us at @spinmaster.