Exclusively Games Launches New Video Game News Show

COD Loot Boxes, Bowser, Elder Scrolls Lawsuits & More Line of Sight #1

Our friends at Exclusively Games have launched their new YouTube new series Line Of Sight covering some of the top stories in video games today, hosted by Sid Alpha. We’re excited to see what Sid Alpha and Exclusively Games have in store and wish the best of luck on this new series! You can find more and subscribe at their YouTube channel.

Here’s what Episode 1 is all about:

Last Week In Video Game News
1: Activision Blizzard sneaks Loot Boxes into Call of Duty Black OPS 4.
2: Reggie Fils-Aime has announced his retirement. Doug Bowser set to take over as President of Nintendo America.
3: The United States FTC will be hosting a Public Workshop on Loot Boxes this year as they continue their investigations.
4: The YouTube Adpocalypse 2019 and where everything currently stands as YouTUbe has stated they will demonetize videos based on user comments.