Marshin’ King by Jason Freeny x Clutter Studios!

Jason Freeny’s: Marshin’ King!

The Marshin’ King is invading the Earth and is ready to toast some dogs with the human race! 

Born from the amazing mind of world-renowned sculptor Jason Freeny, this 8” figure doesn’t breath air, so be sure to leave him in his bubble! Get yours now to impress your friends at your next BBQ!

Based on Freeny’s original sculpt, this intergalactic being stands at 8″ tall, and arrives displayed on 6″ wide hand-painted base. Produced in resin, these beauties are limited to an exclusive run of 10 pc!

Priced at $250 apiece.

Available for pre-order this Friday, March 29th at 2pm EST 

Each piece is lovingly handmade in NY by Clutter.

About Jason Freeny:

Jason Freeny is a New York based sculptor and toy designer. Voted “2014 Fan Favorite” by the Designer Toy Awards, Freeny blurs the lines between toy design, art, science and teaching. Known for his iconic anatomical character dissections, Jason utilizes his industrial design prototyping techniques to create hyper-polished, hand made sculptures that are often confused as actual mass produced toys. Openly displaying his process and techniques in extensive work-in-progress posts on social media as an online classroom.

About Clutter Studios:

Clutter Studios is a world-class creative production and design house. With 3D scanning, modeling and printing capabilities, alongside traditional sculpting, solid and roto-cast resin casting, and full factory production, we are here to bring artistic visions to reality.

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