Siya Oum’s LOLA XOXO Returns This Summer!

Aspen Comics recently announced its approach to streamline their release of titles in 2019 and focus on their core and flagship titles in an effort to feature the standard of quality the publisher is known for in the industry.

That trend is set to continue with the return of Aspen’s hit series, Lola XOXO, with issue #1 on July 10th, 2019. Creator Siya Oum’s popular dystopian action-adventure series debuts its third volume with four covers that includes Aspen’s new No Restrictions ordering policy for Retailer Special Edition variant covers.

The publisher has announced they will be offering two Lola XOXO#1 Retailer Special Edition variant covers with no restrictions on order quantity by creator Oum and several others to be revealed. This is the first time Aspen has provided retailers the chance to order their incentive variants with no restrictions and encourages fans to check with their local comic book store to pre-order.

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