First Look! Eldo Yoshimitzu’s Manga Series Ryuko Returns for Volume 3!

Titan Comics is thrilled to reveal that creator Eldo Yoshimitzu (Hen Kai Pan, Gamma Draconis) will be continuing the smash-hit Hard Case Crime manga series Ryuko with a thrilling new third installment. See below for a sneak peek at unlettered artwork – available to run on your outlet immediately.

Ryuko Volume 1 and 2 capture all the tropes and typical elements of a Japanese crime thriller and turns it all on its head! Ryuko is a hard-hitting, motorcycle-riding, high ranking member of the Japanese mafia stationed in the Middle-East. After a fierce battle with the government, she becomes embroiled with a mysterious terrorist organisation. But things become personal for Ryuko when her mother is kidnapped…

Talking to FPTV (YouTube show for leading retailer Forbidden Planet) Eldo Yoshimitzu said:

“I’m actually working on Ryuko Volume 3. Ryuko is back! Originally I was thinking of finishing Ryuko with Volume 2 but […] there are some complex and difficult situations in Hong Kong, and the students are fiercely fighting against the government for their democracy. I’m not drawing for my friends there – but as I said I have the spirit of [The Clash musician] Joe Strummer […] I thought I should really write and draw about the situation there.”

Ryuko Volume 1 and 2 are available as graphic novels and as a box set, from Amazon (US) and Forbidden Planet (UK/Europe).

Stay tuned for more information on Ryuko Volume 3 by Eldo Yoshimitzu soon. Visit for the latest information on Titan Comics releases.