The Beef #2 Review

For a book called “The Beef,” there’s surprising little meat to it.

Somewhere between a fever dream and doodle pad comes this series from Image Comics, and sadly, it delivers as little quality as you’d expect from a modern Image Comics title. The story, if you can call it that, centers around a Hulk-like character that has turned into a monster.

Why? Because meat is bad, kids. It can make you into a monster.

This type of nonsensical theology is the core of this title. And the art is worse.

At no point does this comic look like a professional offering from a top comic book company. Instead, everything about it screams that it’s something you’d reject from an unknown in Artist Alley at your local con. Detail? Backgrounds? Solid storytelling? Nope. You’re going to get art that looks like little more than outlines filled with the most basic color pallette.

Oh yeah – there’s also a lot of story filler about how hard it is being an illegal immigrant in the United States. It’s almost as if everything is set-up to work against illegal immigrants. It’s almost as if… they are doing something illegal. Odd.

If this review seems a little leanit’s because you are what you eat and this book left me starving.

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