CONAN THE BARBARIAN #3 Returns For Second Printing!

New York, NY—February 11, 2019—Just days after its debut, CONAN THE BARBARIAN #3 has returned for a second printing – proving that the Cimmerian’s triumphant return to comics is still reigning strong!

With Mahmud Asrar’s tantalizing art, Matthew Wilson’s sensational colors, and Esad Ribic’s stunning covers, CONAN THE BARBARIAN is a book no one will want to miss!

“Conan the Barbarian #3 showcases young Conan at his most stubborn, impetuous and brooding in a brush with death rife with divine implications most sinister” – Multiversity Comics

“This is a Conan comic for the ages, by Crom!” – Kabooooom

 “The third issue of Conan the Barbarian continues to entertain on such a visceral level, every aspect of this book is working to tell the best possible Conan story and what more could you ask for. If you haven’t jumped on this series I would suggest adding it to your pull list as well as grabbing the three issues currently on the racks. This is going to be one for the ages, trust me True Believers” – Comic Crusaders

Don’t miss your chance to jump in on all the action when CONAN THE BARBARIAN #3 returns to comic shops for a second printing!


Written by JASON AARON

Art and Cover by MAHMUD ASRAR

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