Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 314: Spidey’s Majestic Buttercup

Welcome to another exciting episode of Comic Book Chronicles!

There were a good many War of the Realms tie in books out this week and Agent_70, PCN_DiRT, and Roddykat talk about a few of them. Marvel sends out solicitations for August 2019.  Avengers: Endgame passes Avatar domestically. RDJ, Ming-Na Wen, and Jon Favreau become Legends. Jonathan Hickman spills a little more about his X-Men run.

Oh! Roddykat and PCN_DiRT give their impressions on ‘What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ the Star Trek: DS9 documentary they both recently saw. #kliqsoftheweek! Don’t miss it!

Show notes:

Comics reviewed this week include:

  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6 –#kliqoftheweek
  • Action Comics #1011
  • Dial H for Hero #3
  • Martian Manhunter #5
  • Avengers #19
  • Asgardians of the Galaxy #9
  • Star Trek: The Q Conflict #4
  • Road Of Bones #1 –#kliqoftheweek
  • War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #3
  • War of the Realms: Strikeforce – The Land of the Giants #1 –#kliqoftheweek
  • Doctor Strange #14
  • Shuri #8
  • X-Force #8
  • Clue: Candlestick #1
  • War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #2
  • War of the Realms Uncanny X-Men #2

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