Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 316: 25 Justice Leagues Under DCeased

Welcome to another exciting episode of Comic Book Chronicles!

There were some great reads in this week’s batch of new releases and Agent_70 and Roddykat tell you about them. The Year of the Villain kicks off in Justice League #25. War of the Realms comes to a head in War of the Realms #5. Nothing to do with the War, but the Thors miniseries from Secret Wars was pretty great!

On the news front, Chris Hemsworth wants to see Thor with the Asgardians of the Galaxy. Elizabeth Hurley is Morgan Le Fay in Marvel’s Runaways. There’s confirmation on who the next Batman is going to be, and Wonder Wonder shines in a new poster for Wonder Woman 84. #kliqsoftheweek incoming!

Show notes:

Comics reviewed this week include:

  • Justice League #25 –#kliqoftheweek
  • War of the Realms #5 –#kliqoftheweek
  • War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #4
  • War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #3
  • Incredible Hulk Last Call #1
  • Dceased #2 –#kliqoftheweek
  • Young Justice #6
  • Batman #72
  • Black Cat #1
  • Savage Avengers #2
  • Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #9
  • Uncanny X-Men #19

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