Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 318: These Transformers Are Too Dang High!

Welcome to another episode of Comic Book Chronicles!

This week, the only thing to know is that Agent_70 and Roddykat talk about what came out of those mysterious spider related teasers on social media. Yep. You should definitely check that conversation out.  But there are also new comic books out this week, and the guys cover the ones they’ve read.

Oh yea, and there was other news outside of what was already mentioned, but what could be more exciting that, honestly. Someone trying to break a record for seeing Avengers: Endgame? Nah, especially when you find out where they are from. Endgame is also going back to theaters with extra content at the end. Marvel and Keanu doing a film together? Not for lack of trying, sounds like. But #kliqsoftheweek, though…

Show notes:

Comics reviewed this week include:

  • War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #5
  • War of the Realms: Spider-Man and the League of Realms #3
  • War of the Realms: War Scrolls #3
  • Justice League #26 –#kliqoftheweek
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #6 –#kliqoftheweek
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 7
  • Batman #73
  • Superman Year One #1
  • Captain America #11
  • Daredevil #7
  • Uncanny X-Men #20
  • Shuri #9
  • Star Wars #67
  • Star Wars: Tie Fighter #3

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