Fans of Power Has A New Home!

When we were approached in 2015 about helping to start a new podcast called “Fans of Power” to cover all things Masters of the Universe, we had no problem giving these guys a home. We’ve seen the show grow and change over the years. DiRT originally joined the show to help guide things along, but eventually stepped back and let the boys take control on their own. The show split into Masters of the Galaxy and Fans of Power, but now FoP had Joe Amato and Tyler Baker joined occasionally at first with Nathan Kennedy who later stepped in as a regular.

Joe, Tyler, and Nathan have had their ups and downs and have worked hard to make Fans of Power into the show they’ve always wanted it to be. Recently, they decided to step out on their own and take the show out from under the PCN banner and see what they can do with it by themselves. There’s no animosity, no grudges, and no anger here. We wish them all the best of luck and have linked below all the places where you can now find the show.

Here at Pop Culture Network, we’re proud to have been a part of their story and now look forward to the next great podcast to add to our portfolio. Could it be yours?

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